My poster represents the closest members of my family in settings that bring back special memories. In recent years I have had some major health problems requiring hospitalization followed by weeks spent in rehab. I believe the poster pictures have helped caregivers to appreciate my zest for life and love of family.

John J. White III

Columbus, Ohio

Thank you so very much for the wonderful ‘Memories’ poster. Thelma has it hanging in our family room in a prominent spot and speaks about how she loves it very often. In the midst of her devastating dementia this wonderful piece brings her joy in remembering each significant event. Thanks again from both Thelma and me.

Donald Russ

Columbus, Ohio

Having this poster not only keeps memories alive for my grandmother, who has a hard time remembering without a little reminder; it is a reminder to the family of the emotion and the joy Ma experienced during each event captured in the pictures. The large poster form brings much more excitement to the pictures. The poster helps capture Ma’s spirit, as you can actually see the love in her eyes! We will always keep our loved ones in our hearts, but this poster makes you feel like you are reliving special times all over again!

Venita Bowman

Massillon, Ohio

This poster gave my children and friends a wonderful and complete glimpse into my life with photos from my birth to the present. All loved the poster that showcased of the special happenings in my life. It is a wonderful keepsake of very special memories that are too precious to be lost.

Georgiann Martin

Columbus, Ohio

I want to thank you again for my poster. My dad’s reaction to the poster was simply wonderful. For someone who typically cannot find the right words to express himself, the poster gave him an avenue to explore not only for himself but to share with others. This was a glimpse back in time that he could recall and share, allowing the staff at the nursing home to see a different and more candid glimpse into who he was before dementia. Your posters truly do make a difference by capturing snapshots of a life and not allowing them to fade from a disease that erases so much. Your poster will not only be cherished by my family but more importantly by my father. Thank you for everything.

Tricia Flaharty

Columbus, Ohio

My husband (83) helped me to compile some of his favorite photographs for his personal poster, and I want you to know how much he enjoys showing his poster to neighbors and friends who come to our home. Smiles are few and far between, but this poster always brings a smile and a bit of conversation. Thank you.

Gloria Mueller

Hilliard, Ohio

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